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Matzah Cover

Make your own matzah cover!

You will need:

4 cloth napkins

A stapler

Spray bottles

Liquid watercolor (like this)


Cricut cutting machine or scissors

Card stock or contact paper

Fabric or permanent markers


  1. Click here to access the Cricut cut for the stencil (or click here to download the stencil image and cut it out manually.)

  2. Take 4 cloth napkins and lay them one on top of another

  3. Staple along three sides leaving one side completely open (To hold three matzahs, one in each sections)

  4. Hang the Matzah Cover on a clothesline outside

  5. Fill a spray bottle with liquid watercolor and water (about 50/50 ratio of water to paint)

  6. Spray different colors and let dry

  7. Once dry, use the stencil to trace the letters and matzahs with fabric markers and/or puff paint. Alternatively, you can stick the letters and matzah circles on the matzah cover before spraying the paint (either cut the stencil out on contact paper or stick the card stock with tape). Wait until dry before removing and the letters will show up beneath the paint.

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