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Spruce up your Seder Table

Visit for resources on how to get the most out of your Passover Seder including some of these ideas:

Make some of these crafts to spruce up your seder table:

Make this stunning matzah centerpiece to enhance your Seder table!

Click here for details.


Matzah Place Cards

How cute are these matzah place cards? They look so real you'll want to eat them!

Print this photo out on cardstock and then use your Cricut (or check out your local library to see if they have one you can use) to cut out the names of your guests using any cursive font with connected letters.) Lay flat on each plate or above plate or stand up against the cup or place on the top of the cup.


Make your very own matzah cover!

Click here for details.


Seder Tablescape

Get the kids involved and create this beautiful seder tablescape with scenes of the splitting of the sea.

Place blue material on the sides (we used blue t-shirts) and line the middle with play mobile or lego people.

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