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Mishloach Manot Containers!

Updated: Mar 18

Purim is a day of Jewish Unity so we connect by sending food gifts to our family and friends.

The mitzvah of Mishloach Manot is fulfilled by giving 2 different types of ready to eat food given to at least one person on Purim day.

Make these cute hamantashen shaped mishloach manot packages and fill them with treats. You can even fill them with hamantaschen! Don’t forget to give it to a friend on Purim day

You will need:

A paper plate

Colorful cellophane or construction paper



(See Images below)

  1. Start with an empty plate in front of you.

  2. Fold over one side to form a corner and staple.

  3. Fold over the second side and staple

  4. Fill with goodies, treats, hamantaschen, etc.

  5. Place cellophane in the middle

  6. Staple together the last side - You can then paint or decorate or you can write a nice message on the back.

  7. Give to a friend on Purim Day!

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