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Rosh Hashana Challah 4 Ways

On Rosh Hashana we eat round challah symbolizing the cycle of the year. Learn how to make 4 different types of challah for Rosh Hashana with Sarah's famous challah recipe! To just learn how to shape the different types skip down to the end of the post.

We'll make

  1. "The Crown Challah" (because on Rosh Hashana, we make God king)

  2. "The Spiral Challah" (because on Rosh Hashana we focus on the spiral in time - our Jewish Calendar)

  3. "The Braided Round Challah"

  4. "Pomegranate Rolls" (because on Rosh Hashana we eat pomegrantes since they have so many seeds. We ask that our year be filled with blessings and mitzvot like the seeds of the pomegranate.)

Watch an overview of the process, download the recipe card or watch the whole shebang step by step from beginning to end.

Here's a quick overview (literally!) or scroll down for step by step instructions!

Click here for the recipe card and instructions for 'taking challah'

Step by step instructions

This first video walks you through how to make the dough

The second video teaches you about the mitzvah of challah

In the last video Rabbi Lehrfield shows us how to make 4 different types of round challah for Rosh Hashana!

"Challah Crack" demo:

We can't wait to see how your challahs came out, make sure to share them with us using #shabbox

To download written instructions click here:

shabbox crate 1
Download PDF • 3.16MB

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