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Tu B'shvat Trees

Tu B'Shvat is the New Year for the trees, so obviously we had to make a delicious treat to celebrate! This edible Tu B'Shavt craft is perfect for kids of all ages. Join us in making a tree of your own, and we've added a Tu B'Shvat Seder guide at the bottom too!

You will need:

A Pot of Hot Water (water from the tap is perfect)

Parchment Paper

A Cookie Sheet

A Gallon Ziplock Bag

Pretzel Rods

Mini Twist Pretzels

Green Candy Melts



Empty the green candy melts into the ziplock bag

Place the ziplock bag into the pot with warm water and let the candy melts melt!

Break your pretzel rods in half to make two tree trunks out of one rod

Open mini twist pretzels and pour into the ziplock bag once all candy melts are melted

Zip the bag leaving some air inside and shake the pretzels around so they are coated with the candy melts

Place a half pretzel rod onto the parchment paper in your cookie sheet

Scoop pretzel twists from the ziplock and place them at the top of the pretzel rod

Pour sprinkles on top!

Place the cookie sheet in the freezer to harden the candy melts quickly!

Watch the video below for a tutorial!

Make your own Tu B'Shevat seder using the guide below:

tu bishvat seder diy
Download PDF • 4.79MB

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