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Kids Hanukkah Menorah

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Looking for a fun way to enhance your Hanukkah this year? We've created a menorah with sand art!

Materials you will need:

An 8"-12" tile like THIS to use as your base

9 Mini glass bottles like THIS that you will fill with sand

Colorful Sand like THIS

Metal Candle Inserts like THIS or 3/18" Hexagon Nuts like THIS that will hold your candles

Glue like THIS or any other strong waterproof glue

A small funnel


Start by using a small funnel to fill the glass bottles with sand! You can use one color per bottle like the photo above, or you can use multiple colors per bottle.

Once all of your bottles are full, use your glue around the rim of the bottle and place the candle holders inside! This will seal the bottle and make sure no sand comes out.

Place your bottles on the tile as you'd like to glue them down. You can glue them in a straight line or get creative by doing a curved line, a diagonal line, or any other design.

We glued a cork under the first tile to create a shamash!

Then, put a bead of glue under each bottle and glue to the tile where you'd like them!

Leave the glue to dry for 2 hours and voila!

Click below to download a PDF with the blessings and lighting instructions:

chanukah blessings 2 sides
Download PDF • 6.79MB

Watch our live demo from the Chanukah Kickoff Event:

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